Az EuroSDR 2015. évi távoktatási programja

"Dear colleagues,
The 2015 series of e-learning courses from EuroSDR is now open for registration:
Topics of four e-learning courses will be introduced during the seminar hosted by BEV in Vienna from 9th to 10thMarch 2015.
Two-week e-learning courses are scheduled from March to June 2015:
  • Mapping using high-resolution satellite imagery (16 - 27 March 2015)
Tutor: Dr. Daniela Poli, Terra Messflug GmbH, Austria
  • Change detection in High-Resolution land use/cover geodatabases (7-17 April 2015)
Tutor: Dr. Clément Mallet, IGN, France
  • RPAS in land survey – theory and practice (27 April - 8 May 2015)
Tutors: Dr.-Ing. Görres Grenzdörffer, University of Rostock & Dr.-Ing. Michael Cramer, University of Stuttgart, Germany
·        International standards for geographic information (8 -19 June 2015)
Tutor: Prof. Wolfgang Kresse, University of Applied Sciences, Neubrandenburg, Germany
 EduServ courses can be followed over the Internet from any location and require about thirty hours of online study. 
Course fees are: €600 for 1-2 courses, and €700 for 3-4 courses (participation at the pre-course seminar is included).
Fee for attending only the seminar: €100
You can find more information on our website:

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