Innovatív oktatás és minőség LINQ 2014

 HUNAGI mai postájából.     Christian M. Stracke LINQ konferencia elnök írja mai levelében:
LINQ: The Leading Conference for Learning Innovations and Quality
QLET for Quality in Learning, Education and Training
ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36 for International Standardization and Learning Standards
CEN/TC 353 for European Standardization and Learning Norms

"Dear colleague,
after the huge success of LINQ 2013, we kindly invite you to our next international LINQ conference focusing on Learning Innovations and Quality (www.learning-innovations.eu).
In 2014, LINQ will join forces with the EFQUEL Innovation Forum (EIF) 2014 to create a mega event for Quality and Innovation in learning, education and training.
EIF is unique in its interactive design and brings together leading experts from all fields of European and global education and training to take stock of current and future challenges in quality development and innovation in e-learning (http://eif.efquel.org).
The event will take place in a stunning venue on Crete, Greece, on 7-9 May 2014.
It will bring together experts and practitioners from the public as well as corporate education and training world, such as higher education, VET, schools and other education sectors into a unique quality conference with the title: "Changing the Trajectory – Quality for Opening up Education" and in line with the European communication on Opening Up Education.
Please find attached our Call-for-Papers (Deadline for submissions: 10th of January 2014) for further explanations and details.
As LINQ conference chair I would very much like to personally invite you to join our debate and to contribute!
Looking forward to welcoming and meeting you on Crete!
Best wishes
Christian M. Stracke
(LINQ Conference Chair)
Elected ISO-Convener of ISO/IEC JTC1 SC36/WG5
Elected Chair of CEN TC 353
European and international Coordinator
HR, E-Learning, Quality and Competence Development
University of Duisburg-Essen, Campus Essen
Universitaetsstr. 9 (ICB)
D-45141 Essen (Germany)"

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